June 14, 2018

June 14, 2018

Judy Hollaway


March 7

Running with Jesus 2015


Luke 10:5-6 “When you enter a home, greet the family, ‘Peace.’ If your greeting is received, then it’s a good place to stay. But if it’s not received, take it back and get out. Don’t impose yourself."


                Sometime people don't want to share Christ because they don't know how they will respond. Then they feel they fail when that person doesn't accept Christ. Jesus was teaching His disciples to go and carry the gospel into homes and cities if it was received it was good and if rejected to move on. 

                  There are two things to be learned from His instructions. First we are obligated to go and tell it is His job to save. Once we have done so another scripture tells us their blood is not on our hands. We are to obey.

                  Second lesson to be learned is for those who do not receive Christ when He comes knocking on their doors. He has chosen man to share and preach the gospel and then tells them to move on! Better be careful about delay because today is the day of salvation.

 The rest says in verses 10-12 “When you enter a town and are not received, go out in the street and say, ‘The only thing we got from you is the dirt on our feet, and we’re giving it back. Did you have any idea that God’s kingdom was right on your doorstep?’ Sodom will have it better on Judgment Day than the town that rejects you." 

                  These are strong words but not as hot as hell will be!   Don't stop runners you could save some souls. Don't get discouraged!


 Father help us be obedient to share and please help those we share with have open hearts before it is too late!

                 Remember this Luke 10:16“The one who listens to you, listens to me. The one who rejects you, rejects me. And rejecting me is the same as rejecting God, who sent me.”


Tomorrow: Runners discipline yourselves!


June 13, 2018

June 13, 2018

Judy Hollaway


March 6

Running with Jesus 2015


Luke 10:4 “Travel light. Comb and toothbrush and no extra luggage.


                 I love this translation of this verse. The disciples were told to travel light! Isn't it funny how we are constantly trying to buy and live at home In this world! 

                I sat in my mom’s room at Dove looking around, there she sat with only the clothes on her back and a couple of angels her mom made! She had very little need for things. Things are not bad but they can become luggage to weigh us down and stop our obedience to spread the gospel! 

                The disciples were totally dependent upon God to provide and a very real witness. They saw so many miracles as they traveled and trust God to totally provide. 


 Father, help us to not get so attached to things on this earth that can hinder our focus. Lead us to love the simple things we have and remind us we live here temporarily! Let us experience the miracles along the way. Thank You for always being faithful to us! 


       Let's remember to travel light in this world. It is just stuff and souls are more important and where we end up after this life. So take off the things weighing us down!


Tomorrow : Jesus will instruct runners on sharing with others.



June 12, 2018

June 12, 2018

Judy Hollaway


March 5

Running with Jesus 2015


Luke 10:3 “On your way! But be careful—this is hazardous work. You’re like lambs in a wolf pack.


      Ok don't get tired keep running in place we have to look at our enemy the wolf. All good warriors study their enemy. Satan will not like me sharing this!

      The wolf is opposite of the lamb. He has sharp teeth and very sharp claws that can rip you to pieces. They can kill animals much larger than themselves. They are very swift in running; in fact, they can run swiftly with a lamb in its mouth. They also run in packs. When they attack an animal usually they do it by three. One gets the head, one gets the feet and the other the middle. They plan and plot to be successful. They not only kill for food but also for sport! 

      Makes you want to not run today! So on those days you feel the stress from being in the midst of

the wolf and his demons, remember the master is there with His staff ready to beat off the devil and laid down His life to help us.


 Jesus, thank You for being our Shepherd we are learning to listen to Your voice and follow where ever You lead us. We depend upon Your watch care and guidance. Help us stay close to Your side each step we take. When we obey You it will be okay. We are leaning and trusting You!  


Tomorrow: Runners travel lightly and carry little!


June 11, 2018

June 11, 2018

Judy Hollaway


March 4

Running with Jesus 2015


Luke 10:3 “On your way! But be careful—this is hazardous work. You’re like lambs in a wolf pack.


     We all need to learn about the sheep nature as we run by ourselves today!  I had to hang out here before moving on. 

     Sheep not only like to run in groups as we looked at yesterday, they have a lot of weak areas that make them vulnerable to wolf attacks. Let's look at a few; first they have no strong teeth or sharp feet so they can't defend themselves. They are not swift runners to flee predators. They are easily frightened or spooked causing them to cluster that can smother each other. They like to wander off alone and this helps make them vulnerable. They depend on their leaders. Their most important sense is their listening, listening to their leader for guidance, direction, and protection. 

     These things are so true about the body of Christ so we must learn to listen to our Master's voice and when He calls and warns us we must be swift to listen to be a runner who can finish His race! 


Father,  thank You for being our shepherd!!! You are always there to help us with our weak areas and You power us to win our battles by giving us the strength to stay in the race. And help us remember You show up best in weak ones. Our greatest weakness is disobedience. Give us a willing and obedient Spirit, apart from You we can do nothing. With You we are very beneficial to Your kingdom work.  You provide wool for comfort and meat to help sustain through hard times in life! Help us, sheep, continue on the race! 


Tomorrow: We have to face the wolves.


June 10, 2018

June 10, 2018

Judy Hollaway


March 3

Running With Jesus 2015


Luke 10:1,3 Later the Master selected seventy and sent them ahead of him in pairs to every town and place where he intended to go. “On your way! But be careful—this is hazardous work. You’re like lambs in a wolf pack.


                I had an interesting study this morning on the lambs/ sheep. Jesus sends the seventy out in pairs. I found that sheep like to stay in a flock. They are socializers and become stressed when isolated; this stress is reduced if they are provided with a mirror the sight of other sheep has stress-reducing properties. 

                It is so interesting when you study into scriptures as to why Jesus used certain words to convey His message. He referred often to us as sheep and He a shepherd.  I am so much like the sheep I am always more comfortable when I have someone to hang with me while I work! I do not like to travel alone. Jesus knew that the wittiness’s would meet opposition and would need someone alongside so he paired them up and sent them two by two. So God will usually pair you up with someone who has the same desires you have! Then you can go to work as a team! I have experienced this in every work God has called me to do. 


Father thank You for the friends You give me to work with. Thank You for the encouragement they give me to help me continue on in the way You desire for me to serve You! I am thankful when I am down they lift me up and when they are down I can l lift them up. 


                Pray and ask God who you are to text, call or send a card to. Let it be that one you have that is always there for you!!


Let's keep examining our sheep running with us tomorrow!