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March 13, 2019

March 13, 2019

Judy Hollaway


December 6
Running with Jesus

Acts 25:19 "But had certain questions against him of their own superstition, and of one Jesus, which was dead, whom Paul affirmed to be alive."

     Paul's accusers had the Governor And Kings confused over what to do with him. As they discussed his case Festus was explaining the charges. He said the Jews wanted to kill Paul over some superstition that Jesus which was dead is being affirmed alive!
     They could find no reason to have Paul killed because they thought all the hope over Jesus was just a superstition. Sounds familiar doesn't it? People today think of Christianity as a wives tale or some fictional story man made up. Some think it is a mental crutch having a God!
     Many people in America don't realize there is a battle of good and evil raging around us.  We have a generation coming up that have been raised with no knowledge of Jesus. We have a non believing society writing our laws and ruling our court system. They think all this talk of Christian should be done away with and are gradually trying to wipe out Christ. Americans are like frogs sitting in a frying pan not realizing the heat is rising!
     There are people surrounding us who will soon bring their false god to rule over you and will lead you into bondage and not be a god of love and mercy! He will kill you if you don't take his mark! So keep believing the lies of old Satan himself. Surely there is God and Jesus didn't come to die for our sins, and all this silly stuff about Jesus resurrection and being the Savior of the world. Kill Christmas get rid of all that superstitious stuff.   You better wake up people! The roaring lion is approaching seeking whom he may devour. He loves power and control and is working silently and gradually to gain the power house that will help him control the world!

Oh Father, we pray for our country. Our hearts are so sad at all the unbelief we see prevailing around us. We know if you tarry there will be terrible days ahead for believers so we pray, “Come quickly Lord Jesus!!!”  We pray for those who are blinded by the truth of evil. We cry out for a revival in our land.

Tomorrow: The promised one!


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