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May 11, 2019

May 11

Running with Jesus  


Luke 11:51-53 From the blood of Abel unto the blood of Zacharias which perished between the altar and the temple: verily I say unto you, It shall be required of this generation. Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered. And as he said these things unto them, the scribes and the Pharisees began to urge him vehemently, and to provoke him to speak of many things:

     Jesus is still running toward death and He continues to give His disciples warnings. 

     Ever tried to mix oil and vinegar? Right, won’t happen. Oil is made of hydrophobic (water-hating) carbon chains. Vinegar is acetic acid which is made of hydrophilic (water-loving) groups. Now oil is less dense than vinegar, so it floats on the top, just like a piece of foam would float on water.  The oil likes to stay with its kind. The oil has no charge that will allow it bond with anything else where vinegar does! (I don't like science or Chemistry that came from Yahoo Answers Lol)

     We have so many expectations as Christians who have that charge that wants to love and mix with everyone but the truth is the world does not have that charge needed to bond with God and other Christians!  It will not happen, there will always be differences and divisions! 

     The bond Christians have is the charge that enters our hearts when we receive Christ! The Holy Spirit energizes our lives. He crosses even language barriers. His charge is love! Love fills us and helps enable us to love to the depth the world never knows or understands. So don't expect the world to go along with your Biblical standards. Expect conflict and divisions even in families.


Father, help us remember we live in this world but we are not of this world after we are born again. Help us to watch out for expectations that cause us disappointments. The world rejected You and will reject us. Help us to abide in love. Help us love unconditionally. If we don't have high expectations then we won’t be disappointed.  Thank You for saving our souls and help those walking in darkness come to know the light and truth. Help us to love when we are not loved!


Tomorrow: Taking up space!


Judy Hollaway

Originally penned 2015

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